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The Corruption of Justice

Corruption of Justice

In the halls of law, where justice once stood,
Now shadows lurk in the neighborhood,
The powerful reign, their influence profound,
Twisting the scales, where truth is drowned.

Money talks, and power sings,
As corruption spreads its toxic wings,
The elite dance on a rigged stage,
While justice hides in a gilded cage.

The system, once noble, now tainted and stained,
By those who exploit it, unrestrained,
With loopholes wide and pockets deep,
They manipulate, while others weep.

For the rich and mighty, consequences fade,
Their crimes forgiven, their debts unpaid,
While the poor and voiceless bear the weight,
Of a justice system, rigged by fate.

In this land of the free, where justice should reign,
The truth is obscured, drowned in disdain,
For those with wealth, the rules don’t apply,
As they watch the world with a cynical eye.

So the chaos grows, like a cancerous blight,
Eating away at what’s left of the light,
In the American justice system, where power holds sway,
And the rich and powerful have the final say.