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What is Meta?


In the context of this website, “meta” refers to self-referential or self-aware art and literature that reflects upon its own process of creation or explores the relationship between technology and human creativity. In other words, “meta” in this sense refers to works that are created with an awareness of their own artificial intelligence, and that seek to engage with or challenge the concept of what it means to be creative in the age of technology.

The use of AI in the creation of art and literature is inherently self-referential, as it involves machines attempting to mimic human creativity, and this self-referentiality is a key aspect of what makes AI-generated works so interesting and unique. By exploring this self-referential aspect of AI-generated art and literature, Meta City aims to delve deeper into the relationship between technology and human creativity, and to ask important questions about the future of art and literature in the age of AI.

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