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Hero Worship

By July 19, 2023July 24th, 2023No Comments

In a crowd of fervent eyes, they stand,
A leader hailed, a figure grand.
“Hero!” they cry, with voices strong,
Drawn to charisma like a siren’s song.

Amidst the crowds, his presence gleams,
Promising dreams, ambitious schemes.
Yet, beneath the veil of admiration,
Lies a truth obscured from their elation.

In shadows cast by power’s sway,
A tale unfolds, concealed away.
For in the realm of hero’s might,
Deceptive webs are spun at night.

Through artful words and tales well-told,
He weaves his web, his followers sold.
A grifter’s dance, with practiced grace,
Embracing trust, a warm embrace.

But as the years unravel past,
A chorus grows, dissent amassed.
His promises, a fleeting gleam,
Shattered dreams, a shattered theme.

While some still stand, unwavering true,
Blinded by their loyalty’s hue,
The cracks appear, the truth unveiled,
Yet hero worship’s heart impaled.

In shadows deep, the grifting game,
The pawns in play, their faith to claim.
And as they look to him above,
They find they’re bound, captive in love.

Oh, hero worship, blinding art,
Beware the shadows in your heart.
Seek truth beyond the crafted guise,
Awake from dreams, unclouded eyes.