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Lightning Strikes

By August 25, 2023No Comments

Not Once but Thrice…

In a world ablaze, the oceans churn,
Where fiery skies and tempests yearn,
Nature’s fury, a wild domain,
Climate’s rage, an unyielding chain.

Storms once meek now gather might,
As warming whispers stoke their flight.
Lightning strikes, not once but thrice,
Earth protests with a furious voice.

Oceans surge with heated ire,
As we fuel the tempest’s fire.
In this clash of heat and wave,
The planet’s plea, a desperate crave.

We hold the key to soothe this fight,
To calm the storms, bring back the light.
Let’s mend the rift we can’t deny,
Or nature’s wrath, we can’t outfly.

In urgent whispers, winds implore,
Restore the Earth, let peace be more.
As lightning strikes, a stark reprise,
We face the storm, with opened eyes.