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School’s Back In Session

By August 28, 2023No Comments
Happy Parents

 Inspired by “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper

(Verse 1)
Well, we packed those lunchboxes tight,
Sent ’em off in the morning light,
No more chaos, no more mess,
Finally, some quietness!

We’ve had our share of summer fun,
But now it’s time for us to run,
To the grocery store and yoga class,
Enjoying peace at last!

School’s back in session,
Time for relaxation,
No more “Mom, I’m bored,”
We’re feeling so restored!

(Verse 2)
No more playdates in the hall,
No more toys strewn ‘cross the wall,
We’ve missed the calm, the tidy space,
A break from that endless chase!

We love them dearly, that’s for sure,
But oh, the mess and the uproar,
Now we’ll sip our coffee, serene,
With the house so clean!

School’s back in session,
Time for our expression,
No more constant noise,
We’re finding our own joys!

School’s back, they’re learning,
And we’re here, returning,
To some quiet days, oh bliss,
We’re raising a toast to this!

(Verse 3)
Now it’s our turn, let’s have a ball,
Parents’ party, hear the call,
Dancing, laughing, no curfew,
Time for us to let loose too!

No more early bedtime fights,
We’re reclaiming our late-night rights,
Break out the music, turn it loud,
Join the party crowd!

School’s back in session,
Parents feeling the elation,
No more parent mode,
It’s time to hit the road!

So here’s to structure and routines,
And having time to pursue our dreams,
We love our kids, that’s understood,
But now we’re embracing our own neighborhood!