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Lies, Lies, Lies

By August 14, 2023No Comments

(Verse 1)
Well, gather ’round folks, lend an ear to me,
I’m gonna sing a tale of lies that you can’t unsee,
From a parents’ whispers to the preacher’s call,
Even the government’s stories, they all must fall.

Lies, lies, lies they spin,
From deep within the heart of sin,
They’ll tell you ’bout heaven, they’ll tell you ’bout skies,
But don’t you believe those sweet-sounding lies.

(Verse 2)
Daddy said, “Son, let me tell you what’s true,
Work hard and you’ll succeed, that’s what they all do,”
But riches for all, it’s a dream they contrive,
While the fat cats on high steal the common man’s drive.

Lies, lies, lies they weave,
To keep us down, to make us believe,
In a world where fairness and justice arise,
But don’t you believe those well-packaged lies.

(Verse 3)
Preacher man stands with his Bible in hand,
Promising salvation in a faraway land,
Yet his pockets are lined with the coins we donate,
While we struggle and toil, our faith’s left to fate.

Lies, lies, lies they spread,
With a holy veneer, they paint it all red,
They’ll talk ’bout redemption as tears fill our eyes,
But don’t you believe those smooth-speaking lies.

(Verse 4)
Government suits in their towers so tall,
Tell tales of safety, but it’s freedom they maul,
They’ll talk of protection, of stars and of stripes,
While they watch over us like vultures in flight.

Lies, lies, lies they share,
With flags waving high and patriotic air,
They’ll promise us peace as their power relies,
But don’t you believe those grand-sounding lies.

From gods up above to UFOs in the sky,
They’ll twist and they’ll turn, oh my oh my,
But in this tangled web of deceit and disguise,
We’ll find our own truth, and together we’ll rise.

Lies, lies, lies they persist,
But we won’t be fooled, we’ll surely resist,
With open eyes, we’ll unveil the real prize,
And break free from the chains of those cunning lies.

So here’s to the truth-seekers, the rebels at heart,
Unraveling falsehoods, tearing lies apart,
In the spirit of Guthrie, we’ll sing our own song,
A chorus of freedom, where the lies don’t belong.