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Generating images that include readable text is tough for AI because it’s like asking a computer to understand and draw pictures based on words. There are a few reasons for this difficulty:

1. Understanding Both Words and Pictures: Computers have a hard time understanding both words and pictures together. It’s like trying to mix two different languages.

2. Making Sense of Words: Sometimes, computers don’t fully understand what words mean, and this can lead to weird-looking text in pictures.

3. Not Enough Practice Data: Computers need lots of examples to learn from. But finding pictures with words that match can be rare, so the computer doesn’t have as much practice.

4. Being Creative with Words: Computers sometimes have trouble being creative with how they draw words, like using different fonts or styles.

5. Getting Details Right: Computers can be good at making detailed pictures, but getting tiny details in words right, like handwriting styles, is hard.

6. Knowing What Looks Good: Computers might not always know what looks good when mixing words and pictures, making the pictures not match well with the text.

7. Understanding the Whole Story: Sometimes, computers miss the bigger picture and don’t understand how words and pictures fit together.

8. Learning the Right Way: Some computers are better at pictures, and some at words. Finding one that’s great at both is a challenge.

Smart people are working on these problems, but it might take some time before computers can make pictures with text that looks just right.