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By November 1, 2023No Comments

In a world of gadgets, cold and sleek,
They hold our lives, make us weak.
From screens to wires, they silently seethe,
In shadows they lurk, like a digital sheathe.

Smartphones, drones, and devices galore,
They beckon us, we want more and more.
Yet beware the grip of this mechanized plight,
For in our obsession, we’ve lost the light.

In the glow of screens, we’re ensnared,
Disconnected from the world, unaware.
Gadgets control, they silently demand,
With every swipe, they tighten their strand.

But in the stillness, we can regain,
The life that’s lost in the digital chain.
Turn off the gadgets, break the spell,
In the real world, our spirits will swell.