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By November 3, 2023No Comments
Gestalt Boat

In a land of colors, bright and grand,
Lived a circle, square, and a triangle, hand in hand.
Each one unique, they played by the shore,
But together, they were so much more.

The circle was round, soft like a hug,
The square had sides, oh so snug,
The triangle had angles, three in its might,
Each on its own, a wonderful sight.

But one sunny day, they had a plan,
To create something special, all three began.
They joined their shapes, with joy in their heart,
And a brand new shape they did impart.

A sailboat they crafted, with a wave-crushing bow,
A sturdy square hull, from stern to prow,
The triangle for sails, soaring so high,
In unity, they reached for the sky.

The boat floated on water, as colorful as could be,
A perfect blend of shapes, for all to see.
A Gestalt of beauty, more than each part,
Together they made, a work of art.

So children, remember this tale we’ve sung,
“Gestalt” is the magic when parts become one.
Just like our shapes, you and your friends,
When together, the fun never ends!