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Mosquito Hum


In twilight’s hush, the mosquitoes hum,
Their tiny wings, a nuisance, they’ve become.
With stealth and speed, they pierce our skin,
Invading nights, committing sins.

Oh, humans’ ire, it knows no bound,
When buzzing pests persist, around.
Their bites, a torment, an itchy sting,
An unwelcome presence, a dreadful thing.

We slap and swat, in futile rage,
Seeking respite from their bloodthirsty stage.
In warm summer nights, we curse and groan,
As mosquitoes claim us, skin to bone.

They disturb our slumber, disrupt our peace,
Their relentless hunger, it does not cease.
But in this battle, we stand our ground,
With swipes and sprays, a fight profound.

For humans, united, against this foe,
We dream of nights mosquito-free, we know.
A world where bites are mere tales of yore,
And human hatred for them exists no more.