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Joe Bader Biden

By July 4, 2024July 5th, 2024No Comments
Ruth Bader Biden

In halls of justice, Ruth held sway,
Her judgments clear, her moral way,
Through years of service, staunch and true,
Her legacy in justice grew.

But time’s relentless march progressed,
Her strength, once boundless, now compressed,
A choice arose: to yield or stay,
But pride within her led astray.

“Just one more term,” she firmly claimed,
“None but I can tame the flame,
Of justice’s torch, so bright, so high,
To pass it now, I can’t comply.”

And as she lingered, holding fast,
The world around her moved so fast,
A rival watched with patient eye,
Awaiting for her strength to die.

In parallel, another tale,
A leader aged, who couldn’t bail,
Joe Biden faced a similar plight,
To pass the torch or hold it tight.

The stakes, immense, the risks so high,
Yet pride within him reached the sky,
“I’ll lead once more,” he firmly said,
Ignoring whispers of what’s ahead.

The election loomed, with challenges rife,
A rival’s chance to upend his life,
For holding tight, he risked the fall,
Of all he’d built, and lose it all.

For Ruth’s resolve and Biden’s too,
A mirrored fate, both stories true,
The price of pride, the cost so steep,
A cautionary tale, their legacies to keep.

As time unfolds its endless way,
And leaders come, and leaders sway,
Let wisdom guide and hubris fall,
For in the end, it conquers all.