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Fake Science

Test Tube Babies

By February 22, 2024No Comments
Test Tube Babies

In a test tube snug and tight,
Tiny embryos gleam with light.
Once mere cells, now they dance and play,
In their own special way.

With joyous hearts and twinkling eyes,
They swim and twirl, reaching for the skies.
In this scientific wonderland, they thrive,
Happy little beings, alive and alive!

No playground needed, no grassy field,
Their test tube home is where dreams are revealed.
With laughter like bubbles and giggles so sweet,
They make their own music, a rhythm complete.

From microscopic beginnings, they’ve grown so grand,
In this glassy world, they’ve found their land.
So let’s celebrate these embryos bright,
As they journey from darkness into the light.

In the test tube’s embrace, they find delight,
Happy embryos, now children, shining so bright!