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By October 2, 2023No Comments

In slithy caves, where shadows wove,
The bat of October soared above,
With wings as black as the raven’s dream,
And eyes that gleamed with an eerie gleam.

Beware the October bat, my friend!
The moonlight claws, the night will rend!
Beware the fangs that drip with dread,
And the wings that whisper, “Fear the dead!”

He flapped through the foggy night,
And the stars above shrank from his sight,
His sonorous screech, a haunting song,
As he danced in the moonlight all night long.

The gory gusts, they howled and sighed,
As the October bat took a gruesome ride,
Through haunted forests and spectral glades,
Where the shadows danced in ghostly parades.

One, two! And through the tomb he flew,
The tombstones trembling, the owls withdrew,
Three, four! The spectral door,
The bat of October, forevermore.

And as he vanished into the night,
Leaving echoes of fear and eerie delight,
We shivered and shook, in the moon’s cold glow,
For the bat of October, none shall know.