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Dictator for a Day

By December 7, 2023No Comments
Dictator for a Day

In halls of power, a fleeting chance,
The president held absolute command,
No bounds, no checks, nor public glance,
A solitary reign at his hand.

What might he do in just one day,
With freedom vast and no restraint?
Would he crush dissent, have his way,
Or mend the rifts of old complaint?

To vanquish foes, erase dissent,
A tempting choice, a potent sway,
Yet history’s eyes, with firm intent,
Would watch how power’s whims betray.

For in this hour of unchecked might,
A leader’s choice unveils his creed,
To wield with grace or bring the blight,
Defines his legacy’s heed.

So, though the chance of reign supreme,
May beckon with its luring call,
A leader’s truest test, it seems,
Lies in how power serves the all.