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The Titan

The Titan

In depths profound, the Titan sailed,
A marvel of technology unveiled.
Its hull, robust, with strength untold,
Beneath the waves, a story to unfold.

Brave souls embarked, their spirits high,
Seeking secrets where the creatures lie.
Explorers bold, their hearts alight,
Venturing into the darkened night.

Through abyssal chasms, they descended,
Where sunlight’s reach had long been ended.
The Titan, a beacon in the gloom,
Guiding them closer to the ocean’s womb.

But fate, relentless, had other plans,
Unleashing chaos with merciless hands.
The pressures immense, the depths unkind,
A tempest of forces they couldn’t bind.

The hull groaned, strained under the strain,
As darkness pressed against every pane.
Whispers of panic, silenced by fear,
As the submersible began to veer.

Their pleas for salvation echoed in vain,
Lost in the depths, their voices wane.
The crushing weight, an unforgiving weight,
Ensuring their destiny, sealed by fate.

In solemn silence, the Titan slipped,
Through watery depths where despair gripped.
A tragedy etched in ocean’s abyss,
The fallen souls forever amiss.

May their valiant spirits forever roam,
In depths where only memories are known.
For the Titan and its passengers’ plight,
Shall be remembered, lost in the ocean’s night.