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By September 15, 2023No Comments

Here are some slogans for picket signs addressing concerns about being replaced by technology during a United Auto Workers strike:

  1. “Keep the Heart in Auto Art: Jobs Over Robots!”
  2. “Tech Can Assist, Not Replace: UAW for Job Security!”
  3. “We Built This Industry; Don’t Let Robots Steal Our Legacy!”
  4. “Hands-On Skills Matter: UAW Fights for Our Future!”
  5. “Our Sweat, Our Grit, Our Jobs: No Tech Takeover!”
  6. “UAW: Defending Auto Workers Against the Rise of Machines!”
  7. “It’s People Who Drive Progress: Save Our Jobs!”
  8. “Auto Workers United Against the Robot Onslaught!”
  9. “Tech Should Serve, Not Swerve: UAW Stands Strong!”
  10. “Keep the Human Touch in Auto Manufacturing: UAW Strikes for Jobs!”

These slogans aim to highlight the importance of human workers in the auto industry and the need to protect their jobs in the face of advancing technology.