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The Leader 2.0

By May 20, 2023May 22nd, 2023No Comments
The Leader

To be sung to “The Leader” by the Clash.

Stolen secrets, secret whispers
Have they found the truth in the whispers?
The storm begins, scandals in motion
His downfall gains unstoppable devotion

The people demand the truth they seek, every day

The leader’s spouse in a lavish car
In secrecy, meeting power from afar
But the leader hides behind closed doors
With a mighty lash, boasting of past wars

He wears a golden mask to impress his guests
A facade of strength, a false conquest
Raises a toast to his loyal base
A taste of power and his ego’s embrace

Now a woman lets a powerful man touch her
With hush money, the vulture hovers
A fixer waits, in the shadows unseen
A trap set, to capture the obscene

So the woman lets another man invade
Amidst scandals and secrets, truth begins to fade
The corridors of power conceal the affair
A leader’s misdeeds, a nation left in despair

The people demand the truth they seek, every day