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Super Bowl LVII

By February 10, 2024No Comments
Super Bowl

(Verse 1)
Woke up early, gotta get my glam on,
‘Cause it’s Super Bowl Sunday, where the stars belong.
My Instagram feed’s gonna be on fire,
With selfies and hashtags, we’re gonna take it higher.

Who cares ’bout touchdowns and plays?
We’re here for the glitz and the fame craze.
Taylor Swift’s in the stands, can’t you see?
Now suddenly, I’m a football devotee.

Super Bowl, oh, what a thrill,
But let’s be real, it’s all about the frill.
Snap a pic, strike a pose,
Forget the game, let’s see who glows.

(Verse 2)
Got my jersey on, but it’s more for show,
‘Cause I’m not sure who’s playing, but I gotta go.
Paparazzi flash, gotta work that pout,
‘Cause in this crowd, that’s what it’s all about.

Who needs touchdowns and field goals?
We’re here for the celebs and the rock and rolls.
Super Bowl’s just a side dish, you see,
The main course is the VIP company.

Super Bowl, where the cool kids play,
But honestly, it’s just a fashion runway.
Strike a pose, catch the light,
Let’s make tonight our spotlight.

You used to catch me bingeing shows,
But now I’m into sports ’cause everybody knows,
It’s not about the game, it’s the hype,
And being seen under those stadium lights.

Super Bowl, yeah, it’s alright,
But let’s not forget what makes it bright.
Taylor Swift and all the fame,
That’s what truly steals the game.