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Rediscovering Vinyl

By September 7, 2023No Comments
Vinyl Man

Oh, the vinyl record, a timeless delight,
In its grooves, music’s magic takes flight.
After years in digital’s cold embrace,
I return to your warmth, your nostalgic grace.

The gentle hiss as the needle finds its way,
A symphony of crackles, like memories at play.
The album art, a masterpiece in its own right,
Unfolding like a story in the soft, warm light.

Each flip of the side, a ritual so dear,
A journey through time, a rekindled cheer.
The richness of sound, like an old friend’s embrace,
Every note and lyric in its right place.

In a world of streaming, convenience supreme,
I found solace in you, my musical dream.
Rediscovering vinyl, a treasure I’ll keep,
A reminder of music’s power, solemn and deep.