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Phone it In

By August 3, 2023August 5th, 2023No Comments

In a world of hustle and endless chase,
Where tasks pile up, a hectic pace,
Some seek solace, an easy way,
To meet their duties, day by day.

They whisper secrets, a subtle sin,
To “phone it in” with a shallow grin,
A voice of apathy, devoid of might,
An effort made with fleeting light.

But amidst the shadows of half-hearted zeal,
A deeper truth begins to reveal,
For “phoning it in” may bring respite,
Yet passion wanes, and dreams take flight.

The soul yearns for purpose, for art’s embrace,
Where true commitment leaves a trace,
To pour emotions into every line,
With heartfelt thoughts that intertwine.

Let us rise above the mundane,
And forge a path where spirits reign,
Where “phoning it in” is left behind,
And in our craft, true brilliance find.

So let us dance with words sublime,
Ignite the flame, a radiant climb,
In every verse, our souls laid bare,
For in true passion, life we share.