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The Madness of Crowds


In the realm of masses, madness brews,
Within the hearts, where reason can lose,
A symphony of chaos, a collective roar,
The madness of crowds, forevermore.

Individually sane, yet together swayed,
A fusion of minds in a disarrayed parade,
Passions ignited, like wildfire it spreads,
Logic surrenders, as frenzy embeds.

A whisper, a rumor, a notion takes flight,
Spreading like wildfire, blurring what’s right,
Reason eclipsed by the crowd’s fervent sway,
In the tumultuous storm, clarity gives way.

Voices merge into a deafening hum,
Identity diluted, like a forgotten drum,
Desires intermingle, emotions collide,
In this whirlwind of madness, reason subsides.

For in the crowd, reason finds no reign,
A sea of faces, a cacophony of strain,
Judgment clouded, as unity prevails,
The madness of crowds, humanity unveils.

Oh, the power it holds, a force untamed,
Binding souls together, entwined and maimed,
In this dance of madness, minds converge,
And sanity becomes a distant urge.

So beware the allure of the crowd’s embrace,
A path paved with chaos, reason misplaced,
For in the madness, the individual fades,
Lost in the crowds, where sanity cascades.