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Old Anxieties

By December 30, 2023No Comments
Old Anxiety

Should old anxieties be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should past year’s worries fade and rot,
Or haunt the days to find?

In times when fear was close at hand,
We faced our doubts and woes,
Through trials, we could barely stand,
Yet somehow, time still flows.

So here’s to facing what’s to come,
With courage, come what may,
Though shadows linger, we’ll find some
Light to guide our way.

Through storms that tested heart and soul,
We sought some solid ground,
In chaos, we pursued control,
Yet answers weren’t all found.

Despite the battles left unfought,
And trials that still ensue,
We’ll rise with strength that can’t be bought,
For hope will see us through.

So as we step into the dawn
Of the year that lies ahead,
With lessons learned and burdens drawn,
We’ll strive, though filled with dread.
Yet in our hearts, a spark will glow,
A light we can’t deny,
Old anxieties may ebb and flow,
But hope shall never die.