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New Eyes

By May 14, 2023May 15th, 2023No Comments
New Eyes

There was a woman who was always on her phone. She had every app, every game, and every social media platform at her fingertips. She was so addicted to her phone that she started to develop a strange condition.

Her eyes began to shrink, and her eyelids fused together. In their place, two small screens appeared, like cell phones. She could still see the world, but only through the screens of her new eyes.

At first, she was excited about her unique ability. She could watch videos, play games, and browse social media without ever having to put her phone down. But then things started to take a turn for the worse.

Every time she looked into her phone’s screen-eyes, strange things began to happen. She saw images that made her skin crawl, heard voices that whispered terrible things, and felt a cold, clammy hand on her shoulder.

Soon, she couldn’t close her phone-eyes, and they began to emit a bright, eerie light. People started to avoid her, afraid of the unnatural glow that emanated from her face. She became a pariah, living alone in her apartment, staring into the abyss of her phone-eyes.

One night, she heard a knock at the door. When she opened it, she saw a shadowy figure standing in the hallway. It beckoned her to follow it, and she felt a strange compulsion to obey.

She walked out into the night, her phone-eyes glowing like beacons in the darkness. The figure led her to a deserted street, where a portal appeared before her eyes.

Without thinking, she stepped through it, and found herself in a realm of darkness and terror. The figure disappeared, leaving her alone in a world of nightmares.

And there she remains to this day, lost in the void of her own phone-eyes, unable to escape the horrors that await her in the shadows.